Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6" x 6" oil on panel -
painted to Natalia Zukerman's song "Brand New Frame"

I met Natalia at the Sundance Lab when she was about 7 years old. She grabbed my heart! She played guitar beautifully... and amazed me with a song she'd written about a mermaid. So, I painted her a little watercolor about it.

I looked her up recently and discovered the SUPERB music she's been making... and that she's also painting! I sent her a note. I was stunned to find out she still has the mermaid picture... it hangs on her wall. She claims it inspires her to let art and music inform each other. Wow. That's about as good as it gets! Natalia is a wonderful creative force! From killer slide guitar and enthralling voice... to joyously painted murals! And.... she's a sweetheart.
I like to say i was her first fan.

and... about 30 years later... i painted another picture from her song.