Wednesday, February 17, 2010


  1. wow... I really love this, and all of the other work you have posted!This piece has a defnite classical far east influence to it... yet I can see your own spin on it as well. Wanna be blog illustrator friends?

  2. Aww!
    Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment!
    Its funny because I saw on my blog a few weeks ago that a comment had been posted by you and gotten deleted- yet, until Aunt Donna e-mailed me, I didn't realize that you are Deedee I always hear about!! I was thinking you were just a stranger who had happened upon my blog!
    I'm so happy that we have connected this way, and I really appreciate your kind words about my blog and my artwork.
    My dad and Aunt Donna have been telling me about your work and your sucess as an illustrator for a long time and now, looking through all of your work, I am so inspired.
    Thank you for the kind words about grandma... I still miss her and think of her often, and I am happy to hear that you have such fond memories of her. I do too-- she always treated me like such a princess and told me often how much she loved me and for that, I will be always grateful.
    I hope that we get to see eachother someday soon! I think I was probibly very young the last that I saw you.
    Hope you're doing well, and lets continue to be in contact, ok?